Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween Weekend

The Halloween weekend started on Thursday when I went to Sam's and bought 800 hot dogs and buns.  Yes, 800!  That's a lot of hot dogs.  You should have seen my car, unfortunately I don't have pictures of that aspect of the weekend. 
Friday Jack had his Halloween parade.  It was a lot of fun to watch him with all his friends.  He was really excited as they "paraded" around the parking lot.  On a funny note...we have some friends that ride with us.  The little girl told her mother that Jack dressed as a "Presbyterian".  Beth called me for clarification and I quickly assured her that while we totally love Jesus we would not dress our children as clergy for Halloween.  
 Jack took a nap after his parade and I picked up Clayton (and a friend) and we headed to Walmart.  We bought 600 drinks to go with the 300 drinks already at church...and the 800 hot dogs and buns. We got those loaded up and headed out to eat pizza at a new restaurant in Paris called Pi Pizza Kitchen...yummie!!
 Saturday morning around 6:00 Christy and I headed out for our half-marathon.  We started by ourselves, but Christy's husband, Randall, met us at the finish line.  After a delicious lunch in Clarksville we headed back to Paris. 
 Once home I grabbed a shower and headed to church to met a wonderful group of people to load up all the drinks, hot dogs and candy bags.  Yes, that's what all that stuff was for...Operation Pumpkin Outreach a.k.a.-OPO.
 Trick or Treating is really big in Paris.  Over the span of about three hours we passed out around 800 bags of candy and 650 hot dogs.  It was a great night of food, candy and smiles.  Outstanding night, but it certainly did not take me long to fall asleep!!
 Sunday morning we were getting ready for church.  The big boys were in the shower and guess who dove in?!?!  Oh yes, the little boy with his clothes on and the smile on his face.  Thankfully, he was not dressed for church yet!!  He sure is cute, though. 
 Sunday night we went to church and had Trunk or Treat.  I thought we would have four or five cars participate.  Wrong!  We had 20 cars with close to 30 kiddos!  We were just tickled at all the participation!  We even had a clown!

 No (Baptist) party is complete without eating.  
Whew!  I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted!  As I reflect over this weekend I can't help but smile.  It was packed full of events.  It took lots of preparation, but as long as I'm given breath I'll serve Him and his church.  I'm so grateful for my health, my family and friends, my church, but most of all my Savior!

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