Friday, December 17, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  We got a "new to us" couch this week.  I am really excited after having the same couch for 10 years. 
2.  I am still sore from moving furniture.  Fred is not.
3.  Clayton has never really been my sensitive child.  Last night we took the boys with us to the nursing home.  We visited a precious lady from our church.  While there he whispered to me and asked if we could sing her a Christmas carol and we did.  On the way out after he noticed she had a fruit plate he asked if we could being her an apple next time we come to see her.  We then went down to the cafeteria and he waved to everyone and gave hugs to anyone who asked.  It touched my heart to see him noticing the needs of those around him.   4.  I put out Jack's clothes this morning for his program.  I included a vest.  He was not pleased.  I told him if he did not put on the vest he could not pick where we went to lunch.(I learned this skill in Parenting 101--HA!) He reluctantly put it on and said, "I hope I pick Mexican."
5.  Andrew has taken a few steps this week.  However, I have not been able to capture it on video.  I did capture this below and I have no words for it...


Caroline said...

That is GREAT!
I don't know which I like better that you are at McDonalds or that you are incorporating your papi!

Fred and Renee said...

He is definitely his mother's child. Anything is better with ketchup - right Jennifer?