Friday, December 24, 2010

Five on Friday

1.  We will drive to Jackson tonight to spend Christmas Eve with Fred's mom's side of the family.  Here's to hoping we are not snowed in!  I guess there are worse things than being snowed in at Nana and Grandad's, though!  (Hopefully...) We will head home to spend our first ever (in 14 years!) ENTIRE Christmas day at home.  We are pretty excited.
2.  My family is coming to Paris in about an hour.  Things are surprisingly calm right now.  That is quickly going to change as five little boys arrive.
3.   Clayton spent a few days at my parent's house the first part of the week.  Mom let him pick out a treat at the grocery.  He picked five Hot Wheel cars.  He was so excited about those new cars that he slept with them.  I love that he gets excited over seemingly simple things. 
4.  Jack also spent a few days at my parent's house this week.  My dad was going to take him to the train store, but he kept hesitating and saying he wanted to go with Mimi.  Finally he admitted that he wanted to go with Mimi and not Tee because Mimi would buy him something.  Funny guy.
5.  Andrew has been a grumpy-goo this week. I think he is cutting a tooth.  Boo.

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