Friday, July 29, 2011

Five on Friday

1. Our new staff guy has been at church now for several weeks. He and Fred really enjoy working together. What an answer to prayer!
2. The boys and I went to stay with my grandmother one night this week. I have been blessed with grandparents whom I would call friends. My grandmother has dementia and will be moving into an assisted living facility some time in August. Knowing this would be my last chance to stay with her at her house I headed to Franklin. As I left she did her usual stand-in-the-drive-way,-wave-and-blow-kisses. I blew kisses back. Thankfully, I had on sunglasses because they hid the tears that were streaming down my face. She would have worried if she'd seen me crying. I cried to the river (half-way home). The realization of not ever being able to go back "home" hit hard. Growing up some times is just no fun.(She does NOT like having her picture made!!)
3. Clayton has been in the kids triathlon club here in Paris, Tri-Eiffel-etes, for two years now.  He will compete in his first triathlon tomorrow.  He will swim 100 yards,  bike 3 miles and run 0.5 miles.  Go, Clayton go!!
4. We found out this week that Jack got Clayton's kindergarten teacher. Also, we discovered that the guy pictured below will be in his class. That is Jack's bff. Look our Rhea Elementary and Ms. Linda!!
5. Andrew is really putting together sentences. This week Fred leaned back in the chair to catch a cat nap. Andrew pointed his little chubby finger and said, "Daddy sweepin'. He lay down."

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