Monday, August 1, 2011

Redneck Island

We loaded up and headed to Redneck Island last week in Buchanan, TN (20 minutes from our house).  We took a friend and had some friends meet us at the lake.  You know I love a deal and RDI offers a special in the afternoon from 3 to 7.  Redneck Island is several pontoon boats stuck together in the middle of the lake with a bunch of water toys surrounding the "island".  (You can get more details here.)  I thought we would stay for the full 4 hours, but we only make it about 3.  It was exhausting, but so much fun!  Needless to say no one had trouble sleeping that night!!

 This picture does not convey all the fun things that were inside the play area.  The big thing you are looking at is a water trampoline with launchers on each side.  The boys would get out on one edge of the launcher and Fred would jump on the other end to send our boys about 15 feet in the air.  They loved it!  Fred tried to "launch" me, but we were unsuccessful.  Bummer.  Wish I had pictures of the launch in action, but I couldn't get my camera out in the water.

 Here is one tired little redneck...
We had a great time at Redneck Island and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a little afternoon of fun...right here in Henry County!!

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