Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Andrew!

 Two year ago today the baby in the picture above made his appearance into the world.  Two years ago today I welcomed our third little boy into our home and my heart.  He had me from the moment he breathed his first breath of air.  There were times (okay...months) during my pregnancy that I wondered what in the world we would do with another boy.  There were times I questioned God for giving me another boy.  Two years later though I can't imagine life any differently.  I absolutely love these three boys God has placed in our home.  Happy Birthday to my "baby"!  I'm so glad God gave me what I needed and not what I wanted.  I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
The big boys thought Andrew would LOVE to go to NeNe's for his birthday.  I think the big boys just wanted an excuse to eat donuts.  Whatever works, right?!?  Then we went to lunch with our friends Jerry and Patsy at Dairy Delight.  We had to have a cake to celebrate.

Some facts about two year old Andrew:
-He loves to sing.  He sings by himself frequently.  When I sing a song to him as soon as I finish he says, "Again!".
-He talks a lot.  He knows how to express himself and his needs.  I'm always amazed at how many names he knows.
-He loves his brothers.  He calls them "the boys".  He asks for them all day.  He cries at night when we put him in his bed and he doesn't get to sleep with them.
-He loves a train.  My parents have a train table and he plays at it for long periods of time.
-He loves books.  He will let anyone read to him. 
-He is generally happy and smiles the majority of the time.
-He loves to watch Dinosaur Train on PBS.  He stands in the living room and dances to the theme song.


Fred said...

Beautifully written, dear. Thank you for keeping up with these things. I'm glad (and I know our boys will be glad) that the responsibility of acknowledging these milestones does not rest on me. Happy birthday, little fella!

Fred said...

I should have said, "does not rest only on me." Of course I bear some of the responsibility. Just glad I don't bear it alone.