Friday, October 14, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  While I was gone (see below) Fred kept the house in tip top shape!  He had picked everything up, stayed on top of the laundry situation and had supper waiting on the table.  Not that we keep points in our marriage, but if we did that would be a "score 1" for Fred! 
2.  My mom and I got away for several days last week.  When I say got away I mean we left Thursday morning and did not get back until Saturday night.  We started our trip with lunch with my grandma (pictured below) at Puffy Muffin.  Once we took her home my mom and I shopped, ate, shopped, visited a crafts show, shopped, met up with my sister in law and shopped.  I don't think I've spent that much time with my mom alone since I was 10.  It was great!  I'm counting down the days until next year.
3.  Clayton has a cookout at school today.  Fred and I are going with Andrew.  Also attending...Mun, Janice, Leeta, Mimi and Mawmaw!  I think it's gonna be a good time!
4.  While I was cooking pancakes one morning this week Jack came up to me and hugged me.  He asked me if he would always be my little boy.  After a brief explanation of how I hope his life will work out (you know...graduate college, grow up, get a job, move out, love Jesus, etc.) I assured him he would always be my little boy.  And then I gave him an extra pancake.  
5.  My big boys do not like pimento cheese (what kid does?!?).  Andrew loves it apparently!  We had pimento cheese and crackers with vegetable soup.  Andrew licked the pimento cheese off about seven crackers.  He loved it!  Who knew?!?

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