Thursday, October 13, 2011


Several years ago Fred and I changed the way we ate around this house.  We cut out a lot of processed foods, began baking with whole wheat flour and purchased beef and eggs from a local name a few of the changes. Since making those changes we found an "egg guy" who gives us eggs.  When I say gives, I mean he GIVES us eggs for free...LOTS of eggs.  When he has new chickens he gets an abundance of double yolked eggs.  He cannot sell them, so he gives them people like us.  I met his wife today in the parking lot of Dollar General and I got some eggs.  See for yourself...
If you are wondering how many eggs that is, it is around 25 dozen (around 300).  That's a lot of eggs!  If you are wondering why there is a precious little boy in the picture wearing "sungoggles"...well that's just because I think he's cute and I wanted him in the picture.  :-)  If you are wondering how long it will take us to go through that many eggs, I'd have to say about 6 weeks.  And no, they won't go bad before then.  They were just taken from the barn yesterday morning.  Any up for scrambled, boiled or poached eggs?  How about quiche, breakfast casserole or an omelet?!?  Come on over we've got plenty!

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