Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Fred has been gone all week on a mission trip to Argentina with Tennessee Baptist Convention.  I've missed my friend and partner in crime!  We have skyped several times and shared some inside jokes, but it's just not the same.
2.  When I was an adolescent and young teenager we had a neighbor that I was very close to.  They had three young children at the time and I babysat for them often.  I went on vacation with them several times while the children were toddlers.  Outside of my family, she was one of the first people to teach me about what it meant to really walk and live for Jesus.  She lost her battle with cancer this week and her precious family laid her to rest.  My heart is broken for her husband and four children. Join me in praying for this family as they walk through this valley and navigate through this new season of life.  
3.  Several weeks ago I mentioned that Fred would be broadcasting a minute long devotion called, "Word from the Hill" on a local radio station.  For the first few days we did not hear it.  We finally figured out that it comes on each morning at 7:37am.  This is usually on our way to school.  Clayton loves listening to it.  He jumps in the car and says, "Turn the radio on so we can hear dad, mom."  It is really sweet.    
4. While watching news coverage of Super Tuesday this week, Jack told me he would vote for the candidate who promised him he could eat ice cream everyday.  Sounds good to me!!
5.  Andrew can pitch a temper tantrum with the best of 'em.  He can hit, kick and spit.  Yes, spit.  Despite all of that he can still be super sweet.  He is always grabbing me by the hand and leading me somewhere.  He will say, "Peas come wif me Mom."  Then he might say, "Peas can I have some juice, Mom."  Really sweet, right?  It almost makes the other stuff fade away...almost. 

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