Friday, March 2, 2012

Five on Friday

1. My father-in-law will be celebrating his 60th birthday soon.  For his party we are having a rib tasting contest.  Each sibling is contributing a rack of their favorite ribs.  We will introduce the family to Trollinger's.  I think their ribs will rival any BBQ place in Memphis.  We love Mr. Fred and can't wait to celebrate!

2.  February is over, which means I have a new laundry tally.  I did 34 loads of laundry in February.  As of January 3rd I have done 76 loads of laundry for the year.  It looks like I'll break the 100 mark in March...fingers crossed.  How thankful I am to have a washer and dryer that works, clean water in which to wash my clothes, detergent to get them clean and of course, clothes that need to be washed.  Blessed.

3.  Clayton had a book fair at his school this week.  He took his own money, plus a little from his grandmother who used to be a librarian.  He earns right around $3 a week for his allowance.  While I was volunteering I saw him give a dollar (of his own money) to a friend that was a little short.  Sigh.  Maybe he's been listening!!  On a side note, we now have a super cool Angry Birds poster, because that's what book fairs are for...posters!?! 

4.  The last two weeks have been big for Jack at school.  He had elegant dinner, followed by Wacky Wednesday.  Want to guess which outfit went with which day?

5.  Andrew has not liked getting his hair cut the past few times.  We all go to the same girl and we love her.  Well, his hair was getting pretty long and I knew it needed to be cut.  Since we were in Jackson I asked my mom, grandmother and Aunt Janice (Yes, I thought it would take three adults to get this done.) to take him to a kiddy hair cut place and try it out.  I told them to be prepared to leave if he flipped out.  He did not flip out.  In fact, he gave the lady a hug and told her thank you when he left with his haircut.

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