Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Flu

Saturday in the early morning hours Jack started getting sick.  The picture below is where he's been since then.  I took him to the doctor (along with all the other kids from his school) on Saturday and he tested negative for the flu.  When he started running a high fever on Sunday I took him back in.  Sure enough, he tested positive for the flu.  He is pitiful.  Even though he's pitiful, he is still grateful.  When I bring him anything he gives me a weak, "Thanks, mom."  I get the same reply when I get up with him in the night.  He hasn't complained the first time. 
I have washed my hands over 10,000 times.  The other boys have done the same.  Clayton has really stepped up.  I left the kitchen one night after dinner.  When I came back he had cleaned the kitchen, by himself.  He is constantly asking me if he can help with anything.  He has gotten Jack Powerade, the DS, a cold washcloth, etc.  While I don't like it when one of mine is sick, I have just loved watching Clayton's servant heart emerge.  It has caused me to be misty-eyed a few times.  Maybe that's the silver lining to having the one having the flu.

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Fred and Renee said...

What precious grandsons I have!!! Love those boys!