Thursday, May 17, 2012

Award's Day and Donuts

Tuesday started off with Jack's Award's Day.  He tried his best not to smile.  I think he succeeded.  After the program Ms. Linda gave us a scrapbook that she has compiled throughout the year.  Love that lady!!  We have had the best year!  I told her to hold on and stay at Rhea in kindergarten.  There is one more Shackelford boy coming through!! 
 Wednesday morning was our last full day of school for the boys.  We celebrated with Nene's donuts.  Andrew was a little disappointed because he thought I was saying Mimi, not Nene's.  Then we got donuts and he was satisfied.  Fred met us from the gym.  What a fun tradition! 

 After we dropped off the boys at school we headed to Clayton's Award's Day program.  We were in the back of the auditorium so the picture was dark, but he was precious.  We are so proud of him!  He has had a great year with his precious teacher and new friends. 

We pray each day on the way to school.  It was so encouraging to take them to school on the last day and offer praise to the Lord for bringing us through this year.  I cannot believe I now have a 1st grader and a 4th grader. 

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