Friday, May 4, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Last weekend sweet Fred stayed home with the boys while I went to a retreat.  As if it was not enough to leave him with all three boys, I got to Linden with both sets of station wagon keys.  Bless him.  He was home with three boys and no car.  He's my hero.  
2.  Several of my friends and I have been working diligently to get a 5K ready for the end of school.  Ahhh, the end of school.  That sounds nice, doesn't it!?!  I digress.  The 5K @ Rhea is May 12th and I am so ready to get it going!  If you would like to participate click here for a registration form.   
3.  Clayton has had TCAP testing this week.  He was pretty pumped about it.  When he got in the car Wednesday he reported to me that he mistakenly bubbled in all of his science answers in the Social Studies section.  I think his teacher about had a stroke.  He got it corrected before the time limit was up.  Clayton thought since his week had been so trying with all the testing we should celebrate with donuts this morning.  I agreed and went to the donut shop around the corner. 
4.  Jack had his kindergarten program this week.  He was a dinosaur.  Actually, he was the big dinosaur on the back row that totally stole my heart.  He had a big audience of people of love him:  Renee, Dale, Tim, Leeta, Mun, Janice and of course all of us.  Thanks to our family who is always supportive.  Mun treated all of us to Jack's favorite meal after the program...Mexican!  See Jack on the back row?  The big, cute dinosaur with the black shirt on?!?
5.  Andrew discovered the water dispenser on our refrigerator this week.  He kept taking his cup to it and filling it up.  He would get a drink and then dump it in the sink.  After about four times, he looked at me and said, "'s like a water fountain."  Sweet.

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