Friday, May 11, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Fred got our garden planted this week.  Yippee!!  Who has two thumbs and is ready for some fresh tomatoes from our garden?!?   This girl!!
2.  I haven't updated my laundry totals in a while.  January through April has yielded 150 loads.  150 loads of laundry.  I have a new appreciation for my washing machine and dryer.  In fact, each time I pass them I try to speak an encouraging word or two to them.   They are almost 12 years old, after all.
3.  Clayton has a tendency to argue and I try REALLY hard not to engage him, but sometimes, like a moth to a flame, he just sucks me in.  This week he started telling me that the last day of school was Monday.  I knew it was Wednesday and told him so and he would not accept my answer.  He/We continued on for about 10 minutes.  He told me I would owe him a dollar if he was right.  I told him he could me five dollars if I was right.  Guess who won $5?!?  Ahhh, it's feels great to be correct!
4.  Jack was getting ready for school this week and wanted to wear flip flops.  He asked Fred if this was okay and Fred told him to come ask me.  Jack's response was, "Why?  Is mom really the boss here?!?"  bahahaha!!
5.  Andrew and I were singing on day this week while I was working around the house.  In the middle of a song he asked me to hold on and he ran off.  When he came back he had my turkey baster turned upside down and was singing in it as his microphone.  It was precious.  I wanted to take a video, but I knew he would stop as soon as I starting taking the video

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