Friday, December 14, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  The bathroom renovation, turned remodel, turned bigger than we planned, is going along great!  Tile is in.  Paint is on the walls.  If everything continues to move on schedule we should be in it by Christmas! 
2. I have been dreaming of this moment for a long time.  Pretty much since I heard the words, "It's a boy."  I pulled in the driveway, turned off the car and opened the back hatch of the car.  I went inside and said, "Boys, there are groceries in the car.  Get to it!"  In about 2.5 minutes they were all inside.  Now just to work with them on unloading. :-)

3.  The Hobbit is coming out as a movie.  Clayton saw the preview and was very interested.  We told him if he read the book he could go to the movie.  I put it on his Kindle, but he hasn't really seemed interested...until his friend invited him to his birthday party.  Guess what they're going to see?!?  Yes, The Hobbit.  Clayton read that entire book in a little under a week.  He even got so excited about book that he stayed up past his bedtime to finish it. 
4.  Jack has been under stress because of a "bossy girl" in his class.  He does not like bossy girls.  I tried to explain to him that this was just a defect of our kind, but he still wasn't too thrilled.  I don't know her name, I just politely and respectfully refer to her as "bossy girl".  This week I asked Jack how things were going with "bossy girl".  He replied, "Great!  She lost her voice." 
5.  Andrew does not like Santa Claus.  Someone asked him this week if Santa was coming to his house.  He looked over at me with great fear and shook his head no.  I don't think he gets it. 

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