Friday, December 21, 2012

Six on Friday

We have six this week because my precious nephew is spending a few days with us while his dad (my brother) hunts with my other nephew. 
1.   The bathroom is ALMOST finished!!  We lack the sink top, the mirror over the vanity and the faucet.  We've had to wait three days before we could fire up the shower.  Today is its maiden voyage.  We are pretty excited about it.  (Once all the components are in place I'll try to post pictures.)
2.  Fred and I had a date night scheduled last night.  The sitter was on her way, plans were made and then...Jack got sick. Bummer for everyone:  us, Jack and the sitter. :-(  We have a 9:15 doctor's appointment.  It must be the holidays! 
3.  Clayton got to go with his good buddy to Nashville to see ICE at Opryland Hotel.  He also got to spend about 2 hours in the Lego Store at Opry Mills.  I'm pretty sure it was 2 of the best hours of his life.  (Thanks to our friend for these awesome pictures!!)

4.  After picking up my nephew we went to lunch with Mimi at Logan's.  The bigger boys split a chicken finger plate.  I asked A how many chicken fingers he would eat.  He answered back with a confident 5.  The picture below is all he ate.  The big fella over his left shoulder could not have been more pleased with this lunch.  All is working well for Jack!
5.  This is as close as we've gotten to Santa this year.  The only reason he got this close was to get the present that's in his hand.  I think he looks thrilled, don't you?!?  Andrew is very concerned about Santa coming to his house.
6.  My nephew has been staying with us this week for a few days.  Have you ever seen the book series, Fred and Ted?  That is what my nephew and Jack look like.  They have had a blast together!  I made donuts for them the first morning and everyone was elated!

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