Friday, May 31, 2013


After school got out I realized that we had a few days before life got too crazy.  I've been wanting to keep Liz's kiddos since she had baby number 3. I thought this would be the perfect time.  I met Renee in Jackson and picked up these two precious boys.  
Before we departed we ate at Snappy Tomato Pizza.  E enjoyed a piece of chocolate pizza.  I mean...he really enjoyed it.  This picture does not do it justice.  He had it in his hair, his ears, up his nose, etc.  I knew E and I would be just fine!!
 After leaving South Jackson we stopped at the train store.  I learned two things while there:
1.  Z is afraid of the dark.
2.  It is hard to get a picture of 5 boys.
Once we got home the Memphis boys hit the backyard.  Z promptly removed his shorts and then everyone began exploring the hole that Jack dug in our backyard.  Good times!
 At one point I looked out my window to see this picture.  Jack was showing E how to eat a popcicle.  Just precious.
 Once it stopped raining we went to Sonic for a treat and then to the park.  E found the only water puddle and did a face plant in it.  It was too funny.
 Walking to the car.  That's a sweet group of boys, isn't it?!?
 This was our last breakfast together.  I can't remember what we had, but everyone had a good time.  Once again evidence that getting a picture of five boys is next to impossible.

 We went to church Wednesday night and E thoroughly enjoyed some banana pudding.  Almost as much as he loved the chocolate pizza.  Same was in his hair, his ears, up his nose, etc.  Classic.
After three fun filled days with this crew we loaded up to meet Mawmaw in Jackson again, but this time she took all five kiddos with her back to Memphis.  I headed back to Paris and cleaned this house from top to bottom and packed my bag, because Fred and I left late Thursday evening for a little fun in Nashville!