Friday, July 19, 2013

Fusion Camp

Fred and Clayton headed out for camp Wednesday afternoon.  The fourth and fifth graders get to go a day early and do things like the low ropes course, paint ball and archery.  Good times.
Fred's bed for the week...on which he "slept like a log." What?!?!?
 Sweet group of 4th and 5th grade boys...

Jack headed out Thursday afternoon while Andrew and I stayed here. All in all 20 kids and about 10 chaperones went to camp. A good time was had by everyone!
The boys are here after playing a riveting game of cupcake kickball.  First base was a kiddie pool of chocolate syrup, second base was flour and third base was sprinkles.  You had to have both feet in the kiddie pool to be on base.  Chocolate syrup+98 degree temperatures=a slippery mess and pure joy for Jack!! 
Please note that Jack only took one shower while he was away.  That shower happened because Fred took him by the hand to the shower and watched him until he used soap and shampoo.  That shower, or any shower, did not occur after this incident of cupcake kickball.  Nice.

While camp is always fun, it's a great time to add to an already started foundation of faith.  My heart's desire is to see my boys follow after Christ with a whole hearted devotion that never turns to the left or the right.  Clayton's best friend accepted Christ as his Savior while at camp and another girl did the same thing.  That makes 6 baptisms this summer of children.  Six.  My heart is just overflowing at all God is doing around us.  What a privilege to see Him at work. 

The big boys and I leave for Seattle this week to serve at/with a church there.  I'm praying for a great trip this week as well.  This has been the best summer for us as a family.  God is at work in all of us.  As a mom, it is just simply amazing to watch it. 

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