Thursday, February 27, 2014

Deep thoughts from Andrew

Andrew talks incessantly.  This week I thought I'd write down a few of his ramblings...

-Mom, Allison came to the party in her bathing suit! (Allison did not come to the party in her bathing suit.  She had on a leotard with tights and was ready for dance.)
-Mom, the next time Wade sees me he may not recognize me because I've gotten so much bigger. (Long pause)  And my hair has gotten longer.  He also won't recognize me at Halloween either.  I'm going to be a baby jaguar.  (I have lost track of all of our costumes.)
-Fred was talking to the boys about when Jesus returns.  After talking about a few things Andrew said, "And then the zombies will be on earth."  Ummm, no.  We have a few details to work though I think.
-Andrew asked his Sunday School teachers to pray for Poco (Fred and Renee's dog) because he was old and sick.  His teacher asked him Wednesday how Poco was doing and Andrew said, "He's not good.  He's old.  That's why I asked you to pray for him."
-We walked into a restaurant this week and there was a giant statue of a chef.  It was huge.  As soon as Andrew walked in he saw it and said, "Uhh, that guy is creepy."  I had to agree with him.

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