Saturday, February 15, 2014

Going on

-Several of our friends from Paris had a swim meet in Tunica and Bartlett was on the way...lucky us!!  It just so happened that our other good friends that used to live in Paris, but now live in Covington were able to come and meet us for lunch as well.  After lunch we came back to the house and let the kids play.  I'm not really sure who had more fun...the kids or the grown ups?!?
Seriously, when did these kids get so big?!?
-The Lego Movie premiered Friday.  We hit the 4:00 pm show with a few friends from church.  The movie did not disappoint.  It did not.  
If I was a good mother I would have gone to the sneak preview Thursday night at 10:00 pm, but we all know how that turned out since we were at the 4:00 pm show time.  (PS-Andrew was really excited...even though his face does not show it.)
 Mimi sent us to the movie with some snack money.  The guy below ate a little bit of popcorn.  We passed it to Jack to share it with him.  He passed back an empty bag...what?!?
-It snowed in Memphis.  Who knew it would snow in Memphis?!?  At least I have my coat now.  These guys ran outside at 7:30 am.  Good thing they went out early.  It was all melted by 9:30 am.  

-My Aunt's birthday was Monday.  We made a quick trip to Nashville to take her to lunch.  While she's not 16, we thought this balloon was just perfect!  We had a great time!

-For Valentine's day we celebrated all day with the boys.  We had breakfast of heart shaped biscuits, sausage, eggs and chocolate gravy.  We then went to On the Border for lunch.  Later that night we headed to Fred and Renee's for a party of homemade pizza, chocolate fondue and minute to win it games.  We had contests to see who could stack the most candy hearts, who could throw the most marshmellows in a cup and who could wrap the Valentine mummy.  It was a blast.  Mawmaw even came through with some prizes.  It was a night to remember!  Below are the three teams for wrapping the mummy.  I love the look on Jack's face in this picture.  He was in it to win it!
Sweet little kiddos making their own pizzas.  It was serious business...

-Fred takes each of our kids out individually to spend a little one on one time with them.  Clayton's turn was this Saturday morning.  He picked breakfast at IHOP with dad.  How could this disappoint?!?

-Andrew asked me this week, out of the blue and very seriously, if we could "change his middle name to Awesome, because that's what I (meaning Andrew) am!?!"  Glad to know his struggle will not be with confidence.  

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