Saturday, February 1, 2014

Around this house

-Andrew's birthday is October 26th.  Since October 27th we have been discussing what kind of party he will have, who he will invite, what he would like to do, what kind of cake, etc.  My answer is always, "Oh yes, that sounds like a good idea!"  This may come back to bite me since I don't really remember all the details.
Not only is he planning for his birthday, but he also plans for Halloween.  I can't count how many times, just in the last week, that he has said, "For Halloween I fink I would like to be...(fill in the blank).  Will that be okay?"  Just within the last two days he's asked to be a Memphis tiger, a lion, Captain America and Wolverine.  He asked about Wolverine this morning when I walked in the door from the gym at 6:20 am.  Like he'd been thinking about it all night.
-Jack is a good reader, but he doesn't really like it.  Since we drive to Jackson twice a week we have checked out several books on CD.  He loves Judy Blume's Fudge series.  I challenged him to read Superfudge by himself.  I told him if he did we would go to Menchie's and get frozen yogurt.  Of course he did it and of course we, as his parents, delivered.
The yogurt cup below is what happens when you leave a 7 year old alone with an empty cup and a yogurt dispenser.
 Games in the table and frozen yogurt...yes please!
 With all sincerity Clayton handed this cup to Fred and said, "Here you can have the rest of this dad."  Fred and I both laughed.  Clayton did not.  I still don't think he got the humor in it.
-Friday when we finished school I told the boys we would go to the Children's Museum.  We grabbed some buddies and loaded up my car and headed downtown.  Clayton stayed with our friends oldest son while I took the four little ones.  It was so much fun.  After I stopped Jack from running through the museum and playing hide and seek (I know, I'm a kill joy.) we found our favorite corner...the Lego corner.  They played and played and had the best time.  

-I went to Boot Camp Monday morning.  I sent my usual picture/text to my group.  For whatever reason the workout was really hard and at some point my headband fell off.  So, by the end of the class this is what my hair looked like...
Fred's response was boot camp hair, don't care.  He's so funny.
-Fred and I went on a date recently.  We have a list of restaurants that we like to pick from on this and this (follow the link on this) blog post. We are systematically working our way through this list.  Last night we decided to try Elena's Taco Shop and their Carne Asada Fries.  Once we got there we decided to split the fries and we both ordered fish tacos.  It was delicious!  Next time we go we will split a piece of their homemade flan.  I do love flan.

In keeping with the Hispanic theme we headed on down Summer Ave and hit up a Mexican ice cream shop called La Michoacana.  You know it's authentic when you are the only English speaking people in the place.  So good.  Then we found an awesome movie theater that shows older movies for $3 per person...not for the matinee...for the 7:00 movie.  Awesome.  In all we spent about $25 on our date night.  I call that a success!
-Fred and Renee's church hosted Preschool Olympics on Saturday.  Andrew participated.  He did not win an event, although we gave the three legged race a valiant effort.  He did have a good time though, especially after he learned that everyone would get a medal.  It was touch and go there for a while when he was not getting a medal.  He made it though.  Barely.

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