Friday, February 7, 2014

This week...

-We celebrated Zachary's birthday this week by meeting at Gibson's. Good time, good donuts!  Happy Birthday to Zachary!
After dining on donuts Andrew, Zachary, Eli and another friend headed to Incredible Pizza with Zach and Liz.  Zachary and Andrew played Deal or No Deal (all by themselves) and won 400 tickets.  Then someone else spun something and hit the jackpot.  It was a big day.  By the time they left they had over 2000 tickets.  I'd call that Incredible Pizza success!
-Clayton has another science project due.  Gag. We are trying to bite off small pieces each day to get it done on time.  We were sitting on the floor and researching.  I was typing everything Clayton told me to put down.  At one point he said with all sincerity, "Mom, do you just want to finish this up while I go work on my Latin and Greek root words?" Thanks anyway.  
-Thursday was free FroYo at Menchie's.  I love frozen yogurt and I love free things.  This was a perfect storm for me.  Fred and I both got free yogurt and the boys enjoyed a treat.  Mawmaw and Mimi were even able to meet up with us.  Good times.  
-We had bagels with cream cheese Thursday morning.  Friday morning I found this in the pantry...
I think my biggest boy cleaned up after breakfast.  It's better than when I found ice cream in the pantry.  
-I write this for my memory, not for anyone else.  If you think it's crude I apologize.  It's just the story of my life with three boys.  
While eating potluck lunch with an older crowd of ladies at church Andrew was eating chili.  He wanted a spoon and I encouraged him to just wipe off the spoon he had and use it again.  Once he used his napkin he held it up and said (with all the older women gathered around), "Look Jack!  It looks like diarrhea!!"  

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