Monday, December 8, 2014

A trip with the Senior adults and LOTS of Kid activities

Fred and I headed out of town for a few days with our senior adults.  Before we left I attended the funeral of my childhood friend's grandmother.  My friend lives in Atlanta so we don't get to see her very often.  (The other friend in the picture lives in Bartlett with me.  I don't see her too often either, but at least she's right around the corner if I need her.)  Since we don't see each other often we decided to snap a picture.
 After the beautiful memorial service I headed home to meet up with my mom, Janice and Fred.  We packed up so we could head out early the next morning.

We left the church parking lot at 7:00 am.  Senior adults do not play when it comes to promptness.  We were at my house by 7:02 am because someone left their phone (Fred).  Ha! I'm sure my neighbors love us!
We spent Wednesday through Saturday going to shows, eating, shopping, eating and eating some more.  They are a fun group.  We really had the best time.  By the time we got home Saturday evening I was so tired I fell asleep at 7:45 pm...yes, I did.
When I left my house Andrew was eating a muffin the size of his head...
Apparently when Mimi and Janice are in charge you get after school treats like ice cream.  Is that smile not precious?!?
You also get lunch (Sonic!) delivered to school!  Not if you are in middle school...that is not cool...or so I've been told by a sweet middle schooler that lives with me.
Thursday night was a big night.  Clayton had his first chorus concert.  Jack served dinner at the Union Mission (a homeless ministry in Memphis) and sang with his choir and Andrew had a birthday party.  It took all hands on deck, but I think they made it!
Clayton with his grade level shirt on.  For his honor choir part (the honor choir is comprised of 26 students...only 4 sixth graders...Go Clayton!) he wore a tuxedo shirt and tie.
 You can find Jack in this picture just like you find Fred.  Just scan the top row and find the tallest kiddo.  Find him?!?  Yep...just like Fred.  At least they are easy to spot in a crowd!
Thursday night there was a changing of the guards.  Renee took over and relieved Mimi and Janice.  Friday morning Clayton was in his school spelling bee.  He made it to the fourth round spelling kiln and minuscule.  He got out on the word eschew.  Could you use that in a sentence?!? Goodness that boy can spell.
I think this was the crowd by the time he got out.
 Sunday night was another big night for the Shackelfords.  Jack had a children's choir musical in which he had a speaking part.  It was so precious.  He really did an awesome job!  Again, scan the top and you'll find Jack.
 Clayton played handbells for the first time.
 Andrew's preschool choir sang as well.  Andrew is holding up the J.  This is about all he did in the program.  After this shining moment he promptly sat down on the steps and put his head down.  When I asked him later why he didn't sing he looked at me very matter of fact and said, "I didn't want to."  Oh...that makes sense.
 This crew came to support the Von Trapp boys.  We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives that love us.  We could (and did for 10 years) do this thing without them, but it is such a blessing to have them close by!

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