Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happening around here

I cannot believe it's 2015.  I remember as a child calculating how old I would be in 2000.  It seemed so far off and now here we are 15 years in to the millennium.  It's crazy.
We thoroughly enjoyed our break from school and regular responsibilities.  Monday (the 5th) was our last day of break.  Clayton came in the kitchen and asked me if we could have donuts for our last day.  Of course!  I jumped in the car with my pajamas and slippers on intending to zip through the drive thru at the nearest donut shop.  (I could see my mother shaking her head no...not a good idea.)  Well, I went to three different shops and they were all closed.  By this point I was determined to find donuts for my boys.  I ventured on to a fourth donut shop and much to my dismay they did not have a drive thru window.  Shoot.  I waited for the shop to clear out and when the coast was cleared I slipped in with my head held high and ordered my donuts.  Goodness...I was cringing on the inside, but honestly I couldn't disappoint my fellas.  They wanted donuts and I was going to deliver...even if it meant wearing my slippers and pajamas in public.
 Look at those smiles.  Totally worth it!!
 I should also mention that it is really just not my week.  This happened Monday, but Sunday I found myself in a similar situation.  On Sunday mornings before Fred preaches I usually pray with him.  Sometimes the service will start before I get in.  I just wait at the door until Fred prays during the service and then I slip in.  I do this almost every week.  No big deal...except that I was in a robe when I walked in the choir loft and no one else was wearing a robe.  And I was in front of the entire church.  All I could do was laugh.  And put my robe up.  And sit in the balcony.  Oh well...

Speaking of church...maybe our kids do listen after all.  One day this week Fred looked over at me and said something like I love you the most.  Andrew from the backseat of the van, without looking up from his Kindle said, "Don't you mean you love God the most?"  Nice.  Schooled about Jesus
by a five year old.

After our feast of donuts we went to the mall to meet Liz and Zachary to play a little.  The little boys played in the play area and the big boys went to Game Stop.  Then we had lunch and jumped on the trampolines.  Remember when riding the escalators was our entertainment?

Spring Break, circa 2010.  They were THRILLED!  Really.

 I had to set this for the first time since December 19th.  Yuck,  I'm not saying I wasn't ever up early, but there's just something about HAVING to get up.  Boo for break being over.

I came out of my bedroom to this sweet, sick fella.  He has a cough and is running a fever.  Bummer.  I'm closely monitoring his temperature.  If it gets to high we are off for a flu test (Our buddy from church tested positive yesterday for the flu.), but if not we are staying away from the clinic and all it's germs.  No need to expose anyone unnecessarily.
Andrew seems like such a big boy to me these days, until I look at this picture.  He looks so little.  I would never tell him this, but this picture reminds me of how little he still is.  I treasure each day.  I try to soak up each moment.  I am so grateful to my heavenly father for this day.  This morning when he said, "Mom, I don't feel good.  Will you sit by me?"  You better believe I parked it right on the couch right beside him...and canceled all plans that I had for today.  Yes, I did.  

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