Monday, January 26, 2015

This week

After several months of being off running I think I'm back.  I ran 5 miles this week in freezing rain, sleet and snow.  I even got to run with new shoes.  It was really fun.  While we aren't training for it yet, Fred and I are signed up to run a relay race called Ragnar in October.  We, along with 10 other people, will run from Chattanooga to Nashville in 36 hours.  I think it's going to be a memorable experience.  It will be loads of fun, right?!?

I ran a few errands with a friend on Friday.  These almonds were 3 for $5.  I grabbed them up.  Later that day I was going to indulge in them.  When I took the lid off they were opened already.  I was so disappointed...and grossed out.  I just threw them away.  When relaying the tragedy to Renee, Fred piped up with, "Oh, it was me.  I opened them."  Needless to say I got them out of the trash.  
 While we were running errands I saw these Red Velvet mini donuts.  I was intrigued to say the least.  I really wanted to buy them, but refrained.  The funny thing was that when I saw them I thought it looked like something my father in law would like.  Well...guess what I saw on the counter as soon as I walked in to the Shackelford house?!?  I doubled over laughing.

My nephews were both baptized this weekend in Murfreesboro.  I knew we had to go.  So, the boys and I headed out Saturday afternoon after basketball games.  We made it to the boro Saturday night in time to eat dinner and for the boys to play.  
Sunday morning I got to be there for their church service as both my nephews became my brothers in Christ.  It was just wonderful to be there!

 After church we enjoyed a delicious meal at Wendy's.  Then I attempted to get a picture of these five all together.  Ladies and gentlemen...this is as good as it gets...yes, it is!
Andrew was just not himself all weekend.  Even my brother commented on his whineyness (is that a word?).  We pulled in to the driveway in time for me to change my clothes.  Andrew still just was not himself.  Sweet Clayton suggested that we take his temperature.  Low and behold he was running a fever.  Bummer.  Sick again.

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