Friday, March 13, 2015

Back in to the groove

Did I mention snow day, part 2 was spent very much like snow day, part 1?  Good times. 
 Dash the dog is on my bad list.  Yes, that is a hole in my coverlet.  Yes, Dash ate it.  All of it.  Ate  Where is the part he ate?  I have no idea.  Also, on the list of "things he's eaten or ruined"...a computer cord, two (yes two...not counting the above mentioned coverlet) comforters, my black heels, shoelaces from two pairs of shoes for the boys, my tan heels, and the insert of Fred's shoe.  Oh, and countless pairs of underwear of the boys.  Saturday night I almost opened the door to let him run free.  If you see a black and white dog running around the streets of Bartlett that answers to the name of Dash...I know nothing about it. 
After the whole Dash debacle I put on my rain boots to wear and I noticed someone (a boy to remain nameless) broke them that morning when they put them on to take out the dog.  Shoot.  I may or may not have sent Fred a text that said, "Is everyone in this house trying to ruin everything that I have?!?"  Goodness.
 My sweet childhood friend is getting married.  Her invitation came in this week.  It made my heart so happy.  I finally found my dress for the big day.  Bring it...I'm ready.  #ShawnandBecca

 I ate lunch with this sweet boy this week when I volunteered at his school.  He ate his lunch and then part of mine.  A good time was had by all.
While I was at his school I passed this bulletin board.  The character word for the month is citizenship.  Each class votes for the person in their class that exhibits this characteristic the most.
 Take a close look at the third grade picture.  Hey, I know that fella! 
The next day I went to Clayton's school to work on this monster bulletin board.  It was huge.  I actually worked on it two days.  The second day I took Andrew.  He was a big helper.  The bulletin board is not finished, but it's close. 
 While I was in the hall, guess whose picture I saw as Student of the Month?!?  Yep, that would be Clayton..the 6th grade student of the month.  I have declared this "The Month of the Shackelfords".

 After all of our hard work at Clayton's school Andrew and I met a friend at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  Yummers.  Worth all the hard work. 
 Remember "The month of the Shackelfords"?  When I got home this was in the mail.  Clayton wrote a paper and it was selected as the winner.  Fred and I had a moment of celebration that we survived C's toddler years.  I sent texts to grandparents, called my good friend in Paris and sent a few texts to some friends here. 
I waited to tell Clayton when he got home.  I thought it would be awesome to capture it on video.  Look at this classic Shackelford moment...

Well...whoops.  My bad. We did find out later that he wasn't the only person to enter.  One or two grandparents said, "At least he took the initiative to enter." about was extra credit for him because he was very close to a B and just wanted to ensure he made an there's that. 

I have to stop a minute to just discuss how faithful God has been.  It flooded over me this week.  About 15 months ago we moved our crew from the only home they've known.  It broke my heart.  I wondered if they would get lost in the shuffle of a bigger city.  God heard my concern and confirmed to me this week that he is faithful.  Always. 
We celebrated the "Month of the Shackelfords" by going to Overton Park to Belly Acres and then to Sweet Noshings for a sweet treat.  It was a good time. 

 Friday Jack had career day at his school.  He wanted Fred to come speak about what he does for his career.  Jack also was supposed to dress like what he wants to be when he grows up, which is a preacher.  Doesn't he look like a preacher?

You know, I hear people all the time talking about God being taken out of schools.  No, He's not.  We are His hands and feet and everywhere we go we take His name.  We may not be able to read scripture or pray publically.  We have to live it.  Live it!  So, as long as Christ followers are in the school God is there.  My family will be Jesus.  Every chance we get, everywhere we go...without apology. 
Jack had a big day.  Not only was Fred there in the morning, but Renee came to eat lunch and then be the mystery reader.  She even brought Sonic.  Good day indeed!

The boys are heading to Jackson for a second shot at their weekend with Mimi and Tee.  I do not know what Fred and I will do while they are gone.  Just kidding!!! We are going to have a blast!

Here's a shout out to a new friend, that reads my blog, Lindsay.  Praying for you and your family as you transition to Costa Rica.  May God continue to bless you and your family!

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