Friday, March 27, 2015

This week

With spring break as a distant memory we have just jumped right back in to life.  Boo.  Although, this week has been exciting with a banquet and the beginning of soccer and baseball season.
Remember the banquet Clayton was invited to for the paper on youth violence that he wrote?  That happened Thursday night.  (Please disregard my bathroom, unless you are from HGTV and want to start a show about redoing bathrooms seen on selfies.  Call me.  I'm willing) I was a little unsure of my outfit so I stood on the edge of my tub to take my picture to send to my friend to get her opinion.  Doesn't everyone do this?!? Ha!
 I pulled up traffic on my phone before we left.  Red indicates traffic.  Yikes.  Apparently everyone in Memphis was headed to the banquet. 
 Here's C all dressed up.  Does he not look adorable?  My heart skipped a beat.  How in the world did we get here?!?
 Here we all are...
 And here's Clayton receiving is award from the DA of Shelby County.  They are BFF's now.  Not really, but she did shake his hand.  Again, he was too cute. 
As we sat at the banquet I did not even have a chance to stop all day and think about what was going on.  At one point the moment swept over me with everything that was happening.  I looked at Fred and said, "Aren't you glad we survived 2 to 4 1/2?"  I really had my doubts on some days.  I am overwhelmed at all God is doing in his life.  I also told Fred if at some point during the banquet he looked over in a corner and saw me in the midst of the "ugly" cry to just leave me there.  You see, a lot happened on Thursday before I went to the banquet.  I registered Jack for the fourth grade...what?!?  AND...wait for it...wait for it...I registered the baby for kindergarten.  Kindergarten.  I can't talk about it.  I wasn't too emotional during the process, but I have a feeling the ugly cry will break out at some point in August.  I don't cry much, but when I do I make it worth the price of admission.  Yes, I do.  The baby is starting kindergarten.  Look out world.

Speaking of growing up...Jack started baseball this week.  I had to buy him cleats.  Guess what size my 8 year old son wears??  He wears a men's size 8.  Yes, he does.  I went to Academy Sports and bought two pairs of tennis shoes, 2 pairs of cleats, and 1 pair of sandals.  That's a lot of shoes. 

I carried my high school backpack to the gym this week.  If you know me you know that I do not hold on to anything.  This backpack is probably 20 years least.  The fact that I've kept it is nothing short of a miracle.  For crying out loud, I tried to throw away my high school diploma.  I'm just glad it can't talk. Wink.
While at the gym I ran 3 miles and then swam a little over 1/2 a mile. I was pretty proud.  Then I got notification of Fred's workout.  (our phones are synched and I get his workout information...yes, we are nerds.)  He ran 8 miles before work and then swam a mile at lunch.  The next day he rode his bike for 25 or so miles.  Clearly he is the beast in the family. 

My friend is getting married in April.  My sweet intake is out of control.  So, I decided to do without sweets until her wedding.  (Not my coffee creamer.  That's crazy talk.  I'm just talking about desserts: cake, cookies, ice cream, pie...all things delicious.)  I'm not going to be legalistic about it.  If someone has us over for dinner and they offer me dessert I won't refuse it.  I don't want to be rude. I'm just putting this out there.  In case anyone reading this (my mother and grandmother) wants to have us over for dinner and offer dessert.  For crying out loud I don't want to be rude.  Monday night the boys ate peanut butter pie after dinner while I munched on grapes.  Grapes?!?  They are just as good as peanut butter pie, right?  Wrong!  They are not. 

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