Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break was last week.  We went to Arkansas to zip line, hike, relax, rock climb (indoors) and just basically have a good time being together.  This trip did not disappoint.  We left Bartlett around 8 am for Hot Springs, Arkansas Adventure Works Zipline. (Click on the link to access the place.  Ask for Garth and Corey.  They were wonderful guides.) It was a blast!  We climbed and sailed through the air.  The youngest in the family was a champ.  He just went with it.  There were times that my legs were shaking, but he just kept going.  There were two launches where we were 90 feet off the ground.  Yes, legs were shaking. 

Some of our friends joined us.  We paused for an "after" photo.  Jack really was happy.  He was trying to be funny in this photo.  I explained to him that this was not funny.  Silly boy.
After we zip lined we jumped in the car for the longest drive ever to Magazine, Arkansas.  (It was really about 2 hours, but took forever.) We booked a cabin there for several days.  It had a pond, hot tub, basketball goal and anything else you can think of that will make a little boy happy!  The next morning we headed to Mount Magazine, the tallest peak in Arkansas.  We hiked to the top of the mountain.  Don't think that we are hard core.  There was a path.
The drive up the mountain was the foggiest fog I've ever seen.  When we got to the lodge (close to the top) Andrew said, "Hey mom, we are on top of the clouds."  The pictures below are actually looking down in the valley below the mountain, but you'll notice all you can see are clouds. 

 Here we all are at the top.  Andrew had to have a stick.  It was supposed to rain the entire time we were there, but it seemed like every time we went outside the rain cleared. 
We hiked and hung around Mount Magazine for that day and then returned to the cabin for dinner and just hung out.  The next day we headed to Petit Jean State Park.  We did three different hikes: a waterfall, a bear cave (vacant) and a large cave.  These little guys hiked and hiked.  Jack never quit grinning.  He did not hike.  He ran....everywhere we went.  It was his love language.  Every part of it.  He was outside with people that he loves.  It just doesn't get much better for him!

 The particular day this little boy hiked over 5 miles.  He never complained.  At one point during our last hike of the day I said, "Whew Andrew, I wish there was a bathroom up here."  Then he said, "I wish there was a car!" Ha!

We hiked to this waterfall and it did not disappoint.  I would take this hike every day if I could. 

 The second day at Petit Jean we found a picnic spot and there was a little waterfall.  It was really beautiful. 
 You know, when you are looking at something with your eyes it looks so beautiful, but when you get the pictures back they never quite capture the beauty.  I think God has colors in his palette that we just don't have access to.  I cannot describe the beauty of what we saw.  The fact that we saw it in Arkansas,,,in Arkansas!...was an added bonus.  Pure beauty. 

 The waterfall was huge.  Again, the pictures don't do it justice.  To show you how incredible the waterfall was I included a photo below. 
I took this of Clayton as he was trying to walk around the basin of the waterfall.  See him?  Isn't he tiny?  Yes, it was huge.
 This little feature was on our way to the bear cave.  Again, who knew this was in Arkansas?!?

Our friend wanted this picture taken so it would look like he was hanging from the cliff.  I think he nailed it.  We probably should have gone over facial expressions when climbing a cliff.  I don't think you would be smiling.  Or at least I wouldn't be smiling...maybe that's just me.

Andrew with stick #2.  He loves a stick.
Reluctantly we loaded up and headed out Saturday morning. 

 We made our way to an Indoor Climbing facility in Little Rock.  All the boys loved it.  I'm going back some day by myself so I can climb without, "Hey mom, look at me!  Hey mom, can you help me? Hey mom.  Hey mom.  Hey mom.  Hey mom..."  Yep, one day I'll go back...alone.  Grin.  Just kidding.

Here's the after laundry.  It was worth it. 

We really did have a blast!  If I had it to do over again we would spend a little more time and stay a little closer to Petit Jean State Park, but the cabin in Magazine was perfect for this trip.  It really was one of my favorite vacations that we've taken together.  Monday morning Andrew and I were headed to East Memphis and I said "Andrew, I wish we were hiking today."  He responded, "I wish I was in the hot tub."  Yep, it was a good vacation.  I love these guys and the time we spend together.

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