Saturday, September 12, 2015

This week

My parents came to church with us on Sunday.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Firehouse subs.  After we ate they took the boys to their house for the holiday on Monday.  WooHoo!  Fred and I had church Sunday evening, but that can't keep two party animals like us down.  I tell ya.  I stayed up until Fred was finished with his meeting so we could go out to eat together.  It was at least 8:30 pm by the time we got to the restaurant.  I'm not even kidding when I tell you it felt like the middle of the night.  I don't think I've eaten dinner that late in years.  We dined at our favorite Mexican restaurant on Summer Avenue.  It was delightful.
The next morning, in keeping with our wild and crazy streak, we slept until 7:00 am.  I know.  We were late sleepers!  I went to the grocery store.  Yep, I did.  But when I came back we drove down to the University of Memphis area and grabbed breakfast at Cafe Eclectic.
I learned two things:
1.  Hipsters pay a lot of money for their food.
2.  They make a great pumpkin latte.

This picture makes me laugh because Fred looks so tired.  This is exactly how Jack looks in the morning.  Exactly.
This is me enjoying my first Pumpkin Latte of the season.  Oh me, it was tasty.  It did not matter one bit that it was 92 degrees outside.  With every little sip I felt the season of fall coming on!  

We drove to Jackson and met up with our crew for my mother's birthday.  My dad grilled burgers and we celebrated it up!  Mom even opened presents.
When we got home that evening the boys were exhausted.  I sent Andrew to bed around 7:30 pm.  When I went upstairs to tuck him in he was crying...almost inconsolably.  When I asked him what was wrong he told me he missed Mimi.  I suggested we call her.  He suggested we FaceTime her.  Gotta love the IPhone.  This seemed to help him and then he was fast asleep.  The next morning he came to the top of the stairs and I greeted him with a very joyful "Good Morning!!"  He looked at me very straight faced and said, "I still miss Mimi."  Well...okay.  So, we called her before school.

I forgot to mention last week that Clayton made Honor Choir and Pop Choir at his school.  He is really pumped about this.  He has a great group of friends in this group.

We went to our first Bartlett High School football game Friday night.  A good friend from church is the running back coach.  We stood with the coach's father in law.  While we were standing there Clayton said, "Mr Jack (the father in law), Mr. Kevin (the coach) is doing an exceptional job with the running backs this season."  That boy and his words.  He cracks me up.
Also, while we were standing there we were able to eat a little food.  The culinary department of the high school serves food to city officials, school employees, etc.  Since Mr. Jack is an Alderman he let us join him.  I should mention that we had just eaten with Pawpaw, but you know my kiddos were in the line to eat.  I helped Andrew with his plate and as we got to the end of the line I asked him if he'd like a brownie and he said, "Certainly!"  Why did I even ask?!?

I have not been feeling that good this week.  I thought this Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundae from Sonic might help.  While my energy level did not increase, I certainly enjoyed the five minutes that I savored each bite of this treat.  Delish.

I had the privilege of taking Dash to the vet on Friday.  He only lost his mind twice.  I count that a success.  

 Friday morning I had the opportunity to listen to my friend, Melody, tell about the adoption of her daughter from Honduras.  It was such a joy to be able to watch it on my computer from my living room.  You gotta love technology, right?!?
 Saturday morning I tackled all of the boys fall and winter clothes.  I always save them from the last season on the off chance that somethings might still fit.  Good grief, these boys have grown.  What have we been feeding them?!?  Mercy.
 I sort everything by size of each boy.  Then I bring them in one at a time to try on their stack of stuff.  Andrew, by far, is the toughest.  It takes forever.  It takes all of my patience.  It takes all of my energy.  I'm happy to report, we made it through the clothes.  Well...I guess we made it through.  I'm still sitting on the couch recovering.  It was exhausting.  They were good sports.

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