Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fall is in the Air

Flag Football started this weekend!  Yahoo!  Jack was in his happy place...except that his team did not win.  He got to play quarterback for most of the game.  Andrew did great too, if by great you mean he stood on the field while everyone else ran around him.  Ha!  (The pictures below are of Jack.  He is #45.)

Monday morning I told the boys I would bring them lunch to school.  Andrew eats at 10:30.  Do you know how difficult it is to get lunch and get to school by 10:30?  Well...I'm just going to tell you it's really difficult.  The reason I know this is because I didn't get there on time.  No, I did not.  He had already started eating a school lunch.  I can not begin to tell you how bad I felt.  He seemed not to notice.  I won't be late next time. 
 After eating with Andrew, I volunteered in the library and then picked up lunch for Jack.  I ordered him a cheeseburger, but they gave him a junior cheeseburger.  Fail again.  Whoops.  He was so excited that I was there though, that even the junior cheeseburger snafu seemed not to phase him. 

After living here for almost 2 years these girls and I got together for lunch.  We met at Eleana's Taco Shop.  It was wonderful.  All of it...the food, the conversation, the friends. The only thing that would be better would have been for Tami to be with us.  The commute for her would be a little much though.   

Tuesday night we were at home! Since it was the last official night of summer we decided to celebrate with ice cream.  I could think of something to celebrate every night if ice cream was involved.

Andrew came home with a note from school on Monday telling me that Wednesday would be blue day.  My goodness he was very concerned about wearing blue on the correct day.  Very concerned.  I got this picture of his class from his teacher.  I think he nailed it.  

Wednesday morning was rather crazy around here because we were off schedule a bit.  Clayton had See You at the Pole so Fred took him (and stayed with him) at 6:00 am for that.  Jack had choir practice at 7:00 am.  And then I had to take Andrew to school at the normal time.  Since Jack wasnt' with me I couldn't just drop him off.  I had to walk him in.  Mercy. By the time everyone was out the door I felt like I needed to go back to bed and start a new day.  Here's a picture of the See You at the Pole Rally at Clayton's school.  If you look for a neon green shirt and a bald head you'll see Fred.  I still can't find Clayton, but I know he's there.
Thursday night the Tigers played Cincinnati.  I thought before we left I would make some cookies.  They look great, don't they?

I tried to make them with oat flour, but as you can see it was a huge fail.  We scraped them off the pan and made the best of it.  Don't tell me I'm not a "glass is half full" kind of person.  We try to see the positive in EVERY situation...especially when cookies are involved.

The Tigers game  was incredible!  Because it was a school night we had to leave at the beginning of the fourth quarter.  It was almost 10:00 pm when we left, which is far from our bedtime.  We ran to the car and listened on the radio on the way home and then ran inside to watch them play on ESPN.  We caught the end of it...just in time to see the Tigers win!  Yahoo!  And no one was grumpy Friday one.  I kid.  Someone was, but we won't name names.

Each fall our town hosts a Bartlett Festival.  This is actually my first year to be able to attend.  Our church has a booth.  The class that I teach volunteered to man it.  The big boys didn't want to go with me, but Andrew was all over it.  So we headed out.  
Please know I was supposed to be volunteering at a booth, but here I stand with Andrew riding rides.  Why is this?!?  He's the baby.  He's a hustler, relentless, and I'm tired.  Yep, that about sums it up.  

 They even had hot air balloons.  Isn't that beautiful?  When it started to get dark they lit them up.  It was a quintessential small town fair.  I felt like I was in the Charlotte's Web county fair...minus the pig and spider.

We snapped these pictures before Andrew swindled me out of some Italian Ice.  Then he REALLY wanted/needed a light up sword and something to drink.  I held firm on both of these and did not relent.  Much to his disappointment we left with neither a sword, nor a drink.  (We ate just before we left, so I knew he was fine.)  He was very disappointed on both counts.  He told me that we didn't have enough swords at home (we only have 57) and that 16 people had walked past us holding a sword.  16?!?  Yes, he had been counting.  That's what he told me.  We still left sans light up sword.

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