Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Week

Saturday we were home all day.  By Saturday night we were grilling steaks for dinner and Jack asked if we could eat outside.  It was so pleasant here.  One thing led to another and before we knew it I was at Kroger buying ingredients for s'mores and the boys were building a fire.  It was a lovely night.
Sunday morning I stayed in the nursery in the 2 year old class.  I was talking to one of the precious little girls.  I held up my hand and asked her if she could count my fingers.  (She's really smart.)  She looked at me, pointed to my thumb and said, "That's not a finger. That's your thumb."  Ha.  It still makes me laugh when I think about it.

Sunday night we went to a friend's house for some homemade gumbo.  I regretfully say I did not get a picture of the entire sweet group.  The reason I did not get a picture was because I was too busy eating delicious (I dare say, the BEST) gumbo I have ever eaten!  I had two bowls.  Yep, I did.

Monday my friend goes to chemo and I got to take her.  We had way more fun in that chemo room than we should have.  I have not laughed that hard in a while.  God is great with giving us things to smile about even through difficult circumstances.  (Read another article here.)

Andrew has been settling in to kindergarten.  We are getting used to it too.  The discipline chart here is different from when our other boys were in kindergarten.  I'm not really sure what's going on, but there are about 8 different colors and pink is one from the top.  Andrew has gotten on pink twice.  I'm not sure if there is cause for concern or not.  We asked him why he was on pink and he "just couldn't remember".  After the second time of being on pink we questioned him a little more and got the same story.  The following was our conversation:
Me:  Should I call your teacher to see if she can remember?
Andrew:  You don't have her phone number.
Me:  Yes, I do.
Andrew:  (With eyes as big as quarters and holding up his index finger)  Wait.  I think I remember.
After a quick email exchange with his teacher we discovered that neither one of them could really remember why he was on pink.  We also discovered that being on pink is really no big deal.  We'll see.

We had a rare night at home so we had a Connect 4 tournament, complete with a bracket.  We showed the kids who the boss is around this house.  We schooled them on some Connect 4.  Yes, we did.

Dash the Dog ate the remainder of a bag of Nutter Butters (about a third of the bag).  Below is his "I don't even care.  I'm not sorry.  They were delicious" face.  

Friday the boys were out of school so we decided to visit Incredible Pizza.  A good time was had by all!!  As you can see Andrew brought home another stuffed animal.  If anyone is counting it is, 
57-stuffed animals, 5-humans, 1-dog in this house.  

Friday night some friends had us for dinner.  They didn't tell us what we were eating.  We were presented a menu that was all in French.  We had four courses.  For each course we labeled three things.  The menu looked like this:
Unfortunately, the two years of Spanish I took in high school helped me none.  On this menu was our food, our drinks, our silverware, our napkins...everything.  For Fred's first course he got a piece of bread, a napkin, and a spoon.  One of our friends got a fork, spoon, and a piece of chicken.  The food was delicious, the conversation was delightful, and the experience was so fun.  I'd highly recommend a dining experience like this for your friends. (PS-Learn to speak French first...and you couldn't cheat by using your phone.)

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