Friday, October 9, 2015

Brrr, it's cold

Saturday morning Fred left early for a 100 mile bike ride.  What?  I can certainly think of a better way to spend a sitting on the couch.  But he really likes it, so I'm glad he had the opportunity to do it.  As an added bonus, he had a great group of friends to ride with him.  These are the pictures I got.

While Fred was riding the boys were with Mr. Fred at men's breakfast.  Then the boys came home in time for Jack to play flag football.  I can not express to you how cold it was.  Here is our crew...
 Just looking at these pictures makes me cold.  In fact, I'm sitting on the couch hours later and I'm still cold.  I'm contemplating turning on our gas logs.
 Andrew made a tent for himself.  He was sweet sitting between Mun and Janice.

 Here we all are after the game.  Jack had a great game.  While he was quarterback he connected with his good buddy for a touchdown and then he caught two interceptions while playing defense.  After the game we went to McAlister's where I enjoyed a bowl of soup.
Since Fred was still riding, Renee came to get Andrew to take him to a birthday party.  Clayton went to a friend's house.  Jack and I went to a party at church.  Fred came in just long enough to shower, put on a suit, and head to a wedding.  What a Saturday.  I'm exhausted just reading it all.

Here is Andrew at his birthday party.  He got to go to a pumpkin patch.

Monday I got to go to chemo with Missy.  We were treated by meeting another friend of ours, who is a breast cancer survivor.  Only 5 more treatments for Missy.

Jack is in a special choir at school.  They sang one night this week and it was precious.  It was in conjunction with the book fair, which is genius on the part of the book fair planners.  See all those parents and grandparents watching their sweet little elementary school singer?  Yeah, they all stayed and bought something.  
Andrew swindled Fred out of a bookmark.  Clayton asked Andrew what he was going to do with the bookmark.  Andrew said, "I'm going to mark my favorite part of my favorite book."  Well, okay.    

For those that don't know, I have a small cleaning and organizing business.  My friend, Stephanie, goes with me quite frequently.  Here we are a few weeks ago...
Occasionally, we will clean a house that has been sold before the new owners move in.  Before we do this we usually go by to look at the house, see how dirty it is, and then give an estimate.  Well, the other afternoon we set off for an estimate appointment.  She put the address in her phone and we followed the navigation. Once in the driveway we looked for a key holder (They are typically on the market and just recently sold, so the key is still outside.).  We waked to the back door and it wasn't there.  We walked to the front door and it wasn't there.  I walked through the flower beds.  No key.  We looked in the windows....we looked in the windows. (Anybody know where this is going?)  I said, "Stephanie, this house looks like someone lives in it.  There's furniture everywhere.  There's a suitcase on the dining room table."  About that same time Stephanie looked at the mailbox and said, "Oh dear...we are at 9520 and we're supposed to be at 9250."  Yep.  We were looking in the windows and walking around the wrong house.  So...if you are reading this and you saw two women walking all around a was us.  Ha!  Whoops.

Andrew had a field trip to Menagerie Farms.  He was all grins.  Fred went with him, so it was a good day for everyone!  While they were at the farm I was with Stephanie getting a foot massage and eating a good lunch for a little pre birthday celebration.  I think everyone had a good time.  I have pictures from Andrew's adventures.
Is this not the cutest picture?  Andrew rode the bus, but Fred had to take his car.  This was Andrew's reaction when he saw Fred.  Is that not the best?!?  I love that my boys love Fred.  It makes my heart skip a beat.

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