Saturday, October 31, 2015

This week

While we were gone Andrew lost another tooth.  I don't think my heart can take it.  This little snaggle tooth boy is just getting cuter.
Sunday afternoon Renee (and my father in law, Fred) took Andrew for his birthday date.  He chose to go to McDonald's (You're welcome, Katie!) and Build A Bear.  That boy loves a stuffed animal.  He had a blast.  I love the traditions that our family has set up for our boys.

Andrew got to ride the carousel at the mall.  He really did have a good time.  There was a girl beside him that insisted on talking to him.  When he got off the ride he said, "Well, that was weird."  Ha!

Monday was actually his birthday!  We celebrated with our typical donuts.  Aunt Janice even sent 10 one dollar bills for us to hide around the house.

Fred and I went to lunch with the birthday boy.  Good times.  His teacher even gave him a crown.

Initially, Andrew wanted to go to McDonald's for his birthday supper, but he changed his mind to Incredible Pizza.  We had a lovely low key evening of birthday fun.  Andrew even got to spin the birthday wheel.
Tuesday was 1980's day at the younger boy's school.  Fred tight rolled their jeans, we turned up their collars, and we put them in high top tennis shoes.  Done.  Jack wanted to know if that's how "they" did it in the 80's.  I assured him that's how "we" did it in the 80's.  Ha!

Thursday night we had Andrew's party.  There was pizza, cake, soda, and Nerf guns.  Andrew wanted to have Nerf gun wars and eat gummy worms out of whipped cream.  We did both of those things, plus we played hide and seek. A good time was had by all!

 Andrew's special friend came to his birthday party.  Ray is the one who gave Andrew the presents to open each day until his birthday.
 Everybody is about to dig in to the whipped cream to find the gummy worms.

Because Clayton made the honor roll at school he got to go to the Corn Maze.  He and his buddy had the best time.  

Friday night we had a Trunk of Treat at church.  Clayton went as Napoleon Dynamite.  We think he nailed it!  

Andrew was Hawkeye from the Avengers. 

Jack went as a Ninja.  

Clayton didn't go to the Trunk or Treat except for a little while.  He went to his first middle school dance with his buddy.  Gulp.  He said he had a good time, but he didn't dance.  Are we really at this point?!?

Saturday morning all football games were canceled, but this guy had try outs for All Southwest Honor Choir. We had to leave the house by 7:45 am.  I was up, dressed and ready.  I was home by 10:00 am and back in my pajamas...which is where I plan on staying all day!

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