Saturday, October 3, 2015

This week

Saturday morning I started to unload the dishwasher and as I grabbed the dishes I knew we had a problem.  The dishes were still dirty.  Yuck...on several levels.  I had to take all these dirty dishes out and then wash them by hand...old school.  I felt just like Laura Ingalls Wilder except with air conditioning.  Sure did.
 I bought this big old thing of dish soap at Costco just a few weeks ago.  I guess it jumped in my cart for a reason.  Ha!
 This was the scene over the weekend.  Because appliances always go out on the weekend when there aren't repairmen around.
I'm proud to report that we are the owners of a new dishwasher.  Isn't it pretty?!?

PS-I think calling a dishwasher "pretty" officially qualifies me as an adult.  Boo.

Sunday we had a baby shower for our sweet friends.  Our quilting ministry made a quilt for them and presented it to them.  Sweet Baby N will make his appearance some time in November.  I cannot wait!

As we were getting ready for school Monday morning I remembered that Andrew needed to take a bag of mini marshmellows to his teacher for some kind of project they are working on.  I told him to take them to school and I think he thought that big bag was his snack.  He said, "I know you are just teasing me, because I cannot eat an entire bag of mini marshmellows."  Fred and I were rolling!!

Later that morning Fred and I got to witness an adoption for a sweet family. It was a glorious day as that sweet boy became a permanent member of their family.  It was a precious moment.

Tuesday I had a minor medical procedure that left me feeling like Tuesday was a black hole.  Thank goodness for friends and family that helped, offered to help, brought food, prayed, and kept our village alive and moving while I was down.
Aunt Janice came in to help get everyone to school, which is no small undertaking.  She even had lunch with the boys.  She took lunch to the middle schooler.  She did not stay to eat with him.  No, she did not.

Those look like some happy boys.  Meanwhile, back at the surgery center I was having a date with this...
Ahem...trying to go to the bathroom and stay awake long enough to go to the bathroom.  Goodness, both were a battle.  I finally went and refused a wheel chair and walked right out of that surgery center.  In hind sight, I probably should have sat down and enjoyed the ride b/c I remember little to nothing about the next few hours.  If we passed you on the interstate and my tongue was hanging out, I apologize. I slept 20 out of 24 hours on Tuesday.
The next day, which I really don't know what to call it...Mimi was here.  She got to go to lunch with the boys as well.  One of them commented that this was the "best week ever".  I'm glad they thought so.  My "best week ever" contains a few more memories.  Ha!  Having Janice and Mimi here was a treat though!

Those are some happy boys, right?!?  Who wouldn't be, is my question!!

My sweet friend, Melanie, led my Wednesday night book study.  I felt like standing up and wearing something other than yoga pants would be prerequisites to leading a book study.  Since neither of those were in my day, I figured I should get a sub.  While I was at home, I got these sweet selfies.  Is she not the best?!?

Speaking of people being the best...this guy...
We went to Sam's before the above mentioned procedure and as we were walking in, Fred took a very important work call.  I walked over to look at something and lost him.  After looking around the store, this is where I found him.  Sitting on the displayed couch, telling someone about Jesus.  That's how we roll.  It made me smile.

Friday morning we got to go to Ram Run at Jack and Andrew's school. Ram Run is a fund raiser that Oak has every year.  They are supposed to get sponsors for running, but we really just end up writing a check.  The boys really love it though. Each time they pass the start line they get a rubber band.  Well, that's the plan.  Andrew did not run much.  He just walked around the track and picked up everybody's rubber bands that they dropped.  Good times.

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