Thursday, July 29, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred has a triathlon this weekend. He is continuing to train for the "big" one in a couple of weeks. As part of that training he and Corey rode their bikes to Carroll county...32.2 thank you!!
2. In case you were wondering...I am still canning pickles!! I will happily trade anyone any vegetable for cucumbers.
3. Clayton will turn seven next week. Part of (Renee) Shackelford tradition is that you get to pick your favorite meal for your birthday supper. We will celebrate Fred and Clayton's birthdays this weekend. When I asked Clayton what his favorite thing that Mawmaw made for him, he looked at me really funny and said that Mawmaw doesn't make him things. She buys them.
4. Sweet Caroline came over to play. When she walked in the door Jack greeted her by saying, "We don't have any gurl toys here." After an hour or so we had her walking around with a sword in one hand and a plastic gun in the other...sweet girl!!
5. Andrew LOVES cereal bars. He grins really big when he sees me coming toward his high chair with one.

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