Thursday, July 8, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred is competing in an olympic distance triathlon in August. As part of his training he is riding his bike longer distances. He and Corey rode to Benton County this week...25 miles total! Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

2. I have been knee deep in cucumbers this week. I have been making pickles left and right!! The last time I checked I had canned 10 quart jars and 9 pint jars of spicy, dill pickles. Pickles anyone?!?

3. Clayton is singing Make me a Servant at church this Sunday. It should be great. We have worked on it all week.

4. This week for supper I made a modified version of stuffed peppers that I called Super Hero casserole. Jack ate two helpings. After taking his empty plate to the sink he stretched out his arms as wide as he could and said, "I love Super Hero casserole this much!". Precious!

5. Andrew can now sit up in the bath. I gave him a bath for the first time without him in his little baby bath tub. While he was splashing in the water I sat on the stool beside the tub and cried.

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HayesFamilyHappenings said...

tFirst of all, you know I'm always willing to be your "pickle sampler." You make the BEST pickles ever. Second, now I'm crying thinking about you crying sitting by the tub. Note to time: PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!