Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cub Scout Indoor Campout

Yes, you read correctly an indoor camp out!  My kind of camp out!  We left Paris and headed to Nashville to the Adventure Science Museum Friday around 2:00.  After a brief dinner with my grandmother in Franklin we headed to the museum.  All the boys were so excited!  Once we got inside they were almost shaking from excitement.  None of them knew which way to run first! 
Around 9:30 the girls that were in charge of our camp in announced plans to have a egg drop.  They gave each team an egg, a styrofoam cup, a balloon, bubble wrap, newspaper and a few other items.  They were to package their egg the best they could and then drop it from the second story. 
Clayton has been blessed this year with an amazing group of friends in his class.  Here they all are devising a plan. 

 Jack and Fred were a team.  They both had a lot of fun. 

Here they all are lined up ready to drop their eggs. 

 Checking to see if their egg survived...
 It did!  Total excitement!!  (On a side note...Jack and Fred's egg did not meet the same fate.)
 By 11:30 p.m. we were all pretty tired...mainly me, but the boys reluctantly went to sleep.  Fred and I slept on cots.  It was definitely an adventure!! 
After we got home Clayton has a basketball game so we headed to that.  Mawmaw and Pawpaw met us at the game and then we went to a late lunch.  Jack was so tired he could barely hold his head up.  He fell asleep in the car.  I carried him in and he roused ever so slightly.  He kept telling me he wasn't tired.  He would not get in his bed because he was not tired.  So he slept on the floor...for 2 hours...and woke up to tell us he was not tired!


Anonymous said...

That takes me back to another time of sleeping in a museum. =) Good Times!!!

Jennifer said...

Kristie, you have no idea how many times I thought the exact same thing as we slept there that night. Good times, indeed!