Friday, January 28, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Since Fred and I started participating in races (minus my very first race) we have been saving our race t-shirts.  For Christmas we gave each other a quilt made out of our shirts.  It came in this week.  We were both really pleased.  There are a lot of really special memories in that quilt. 

2.  I love a coupon.  Last February I had a ridiculous amount of shampoo that I had accumulated from coupon shopping.  Fred and I made a deal that I would not buy any more shampoo as of February 2010.  I am embarrassed proud to report I still have 10 bottles of shampoo left.  Yes, ten.

Also, my "secret sibling" gave me a $10 gift card to Kroger and some Goldfish crackers...two of my favorites!  I thought about taking the crackers and eating them at Kroger while I used my gift card, but the flu is going around.  I think I'll eat my crackers at home after washing my hands...I digress...I have held on to my card because I just can't  decide what I want to buy.  I'm thinking Starbucks coffee...what a treat!  But first I must find a coupon.  Thanks to my secret sibling! ("Secret siblings" is a new venture on the Shackelford side of the family to help all the Shackelford siblings and their spouses stay connected. At our request, Fred and Renee drew names at Christmas, and assigned each of us a "secret sibling" for the whole year. It's fun.)

3.  Clayton is reading Little House of the Prairie at school.  He is loving it. 

4.  Fred and Renee gave us Netflix for Christmas.  Jack loves it, because we can get movies through the Wii.  This week while the other boys and I were gone Fred and Jack watched a Spider Man movie. Jack loved it.  Fred said it was awesome. 

5.  Andrew is all over the place and continues to L.O.V.E. the slide.  If you haven't seen the video see below.  It is titled "Sliding".  It shouldn't be too hard to find.  :-)  Fred came in from the gym this week.  Andrew toddled over to him and said, "Da", sweetly hugged him around the legs and held up his arms for Fred to pick him up.  I'm pretty sure Fred was a little misty.

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