Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jack, the funny man

Jack is pretty shy around people he doesn't know, but around us he is a trip.  Here are a few things from this last week:
Sunday night at church I sat in the back because our third verbal child was making too much noise.  Jack followed me not too much later.  Once he got to me he lifted his shirt sleeve on his right arm and this was our converstaion--
Jack:  Mom, I wrote on my arm.  Is that okay?
Me:  Sure.
Jack:  You sure it's okay?
Me: Yes, it's fine. 
Jack: (Rolling up his other sleeve.)  Good, cause I wrote on my other arm. 

In the mornings Jack and Clayton usually get up about the same time.  (They sleep together.  Did I say together?  I meant glued to each other.)  This morning Clayton got up about an hour before Jack.  When Jack got up he said, "Mom, I was gonna get up with Cwayton, but my eyes were too tired!" 

Jack loves to work in the kitchen with me.  The other day we were working and he was about five feet from me.  He told me to come close to him, which I did.  When I got next to him I asked him what he wanted.  He wrapped his arms around my legs as tight as they would go, looked up at me and said, "I wuv you mom!"  Makes my throat tight just thinking about it. 

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Fred and Renee said...

My precious, precious boy!! I wuv him too!!