Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Andrew's cuteness

I find joy at each age as my children grow and develop, but if I had to pick a favorite age it would be between 14 and around 20 months.  They are walking and talking so cute.  I guess since he's my third (and last!) I notice every milestone.  I sort of hold on to it because I know it's fleeting.  Here are a couple of cute things that he's done the past few weeks.

We've mentioned before that he loves the book Go, Dog! Go!.  Everyone in our family has it memorized.  The boys fight over who will quote it for Andrew.  When you quote it he listens intently.  When you finish he claps, grins and says, "Yeah!".

Tuesday night we went with my brother and his family to Crazy Chicken Night at Paris Landing. (YUM!)  After we ate we walked along the docks.  Andrew was so excited he was literally trying to jump out of Fred's arms.  He was grinning, pointing and shouting, "Bath, bath, bath, bath, bath, bath" over and over.

I put Andrew in his car seat the other day.  He had my phone in his hand.  In an attempt to get my phone back I took it and gave him a train.  He looked up at me, shook his head and said, "No, Uh,uh."

Andrew has pretty bad eczema.  Right now it is out of control.  He does not like being contained while I put medicine on all of his infected areas.  Sunday while I was putting on his lotion he looked up at me and said, "No, no.  Not nice.".

Andrew cried after my mom today.  He went after he and said (for the first time), "Mimi!"  I think she swooned a little. 

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