Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Several weeks ago someone broke into our church.  The police caught them...all four of them.  They took several things.  One of which was a lap top computer.  Fred and I got a good chuckle out of the lap top they took.  It was seven years old, password protected, with an internet filter, missing keys and a power cord that would not charge.  We felt like they would be totally disappointed once they got home.  All that work for...this?!?!  Apparently we were correct in our assumption, they tossed it in a ditch that night.  Ha!
2.  It feels like I've been chasing my tail all week.  Ever have one of those weeks?  I'm trying to determine how to have an adult time out.  You know, like 12 hours, just to catch up.    
3.  Clayton asked me when I was going to take him to the doctor for them to draw blood to see if dad was his real dad.   What?!?  Any volunteers to take this question from my seven year old?!?  Then it dawned on me...One of my good friends has diabetes.  Her young son has just been diagnosed with it as well.  The remaining family members had to have some testing done by having blood drawn. One of those family members is Clayton's age.  When they drew blood they laughingly told her they were testing to see if who she called dad was really her dad.  I think she told Clayton.  Ha!  He was genuinely concerned.   
4.  Jack loves Mrs. Alma.  She lives in the nursing home.  Loves her.  Prays for her.  Hugs her.  Wants to go see her.  Asks about her.  Well, at scouts a couple of weeks ago he made a bug box.  He asked if he could give it to Mrs. Alma.  "Yes!,"  I replied.  Every 80 year old needs a bug box, don't they?!?  FYI--she loved it!
5.  I have posted before about Andrew's bed head.  It is awesome.  I got him out of bed this morning and it was sticking straight up.  Straight up.  As in perpendicular to the floor.  I could not contain my laughter.  Sorry I don't have a picture.

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Fred and Renee said...

Thanks for starting my day with a good laugh. The question from Clayton cracked me up. Was he more concerned that he might find out that Fred wasn't his real father, or that they were going to have to stick him with a needle to find it out? Of course for me it would be the needle. :-) I will smile all day everytime I picture my sweet Jack giving a precious 80 year old lady a bug box. I know he was proud. I could cry at the sweetness of that. Have a great day!!