Monday, February 6, 2012

Story Hour

As you'll recall Andrew went to his first Story Hour last week.  He was pretty reserved and timid.  This week he explored a little more and ventured away from my lap.  Ms. Donna always puts out toys and one thing she has had since Clayton started going to Story Hour is a fire truck.  Clayton and Jack both loved it.  Would you believe Andrew made a bee-line for it and played with it most of the morning?!?  How funny!  He was a little shy this week during songs and story time, but he totally got in to the craft...stickers.  If there is one craft thing we love around here it's a sticker.  He was SO proud of his project.  Our little friend, we'll call him W, is sitting next to Andrew. 

 Once Story Hour was over we walked over to the main office to check the PTO box with W and his mom.  Upon walking into the office Andrew saw Leigh, walked right up to her and said, "I have some candy?!?"  Of course she gave him some.  This is getting to be his habit.  I could be wrong, but I don't think Mrs. Leigh minds. 

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