Friday, August 10, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  Fred ran late in the afternoon one day this week.  It was extremely hot.  By 7:45 that night he was zapped.  He mentioned something about it just being embarrassing for an adult to go to bed at 7:45 pm, but he thought it would be possible tonight.  I told him I would not judge if he wanted to go to bed...and he 8:00 pm, because 7:45 pm is embarrassing.
2.  On the way to visit my grandmother last week I stopped at Trader Joe's.!!  I am in love.  I could have spent three hours in that store just walking up and down the aisles.  Seriously.  While there I treated myself to a couple of things.  One of those things was (note the word "was" is gone!) Kettle Corn.  Yum!  I would almost drive two hours to get another bag.  Wait...I wouldn't get one bag...I'd get ten!! ;-)
We have 10,000 Legos at our house and all of them have been on the floor in the playroom the last couple of weeks.  When the boys went to school I reclaimed the playroom floor.  I told Clayton it might not be a bad idea to organize the Legos by color.  He responded by saying, "Yeah, that is a really good idea, but not today, okay?!?"  I didn't ask him when would be a good time for him.  I think I know the answer. 
4.  Jack loves being outside.  He has really been a help this summer in the garden, starting with helping Fred plant and water it.  Typically, each morning he would go out with a bucket and gather all the ripe produce.  For several years now we have tried to grow watermelons with no luck.  Not this year.  Jack is so proud of those watermelons.  He has checked them daily this summer.  Well, this week is the Henry County Fair and we decided to enter his watermelon in the biggest watermelon contest.  It weighed 40 lbs.  He got a ribbon and is so proud.

5.  Andrew does not like a carnival ride.  In fact, if it gets a little over a ride in a stroller he is not a fan.  According to him, "he just likes to watch the big boys."  Last night at the fair he did not ride anything, but he did want to fish.  He had the best time.  He got a red horn and couldn't be any more pleased with his experience. 

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