Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First day of school

First and fourth grade?!? How did we get here??  Everyone was excited Monday morning!  Jack woke up all smiles at 6:10 am.  He told me he knew his teacher was going to be sweet.  He also said, "I will be a hard worker for her."  Our friend Mr. B is not in our class this year and it is a hard adjustment.  He told me B was not in his class and that was just the way it was going to be. Bless his heart.  I'm sure B will come over and play after school! 

 When you are in the fourth grade you are too big for your mother to walk you to class.  (That is my way of saying I have no pictures of Clayton after he left my house.) When you are in the first grade you are not too big to hang with your mother.  You are too big, however, to have your picture taken at the door of your class.  You must do it around the corner from the room, with your arms folded and a nonchalant look on your face.   You are, however, too big for your mother to kiss you and tell you she loves you in ear shot of other people.  This makes little/big six year olds blush.  I learned this the hard way. 
Meanwhile back at the house, Andrew and I had a big day.  I reclaimed several areas of our house that had been overtaken with boys during the summer.  I picked up 10,000 Legos and declared us full of Legos.  I also vacuumed the floors.  Goodbye summer, hello routine and clean house!  As much as I resist change, each season of life seems to have a silver lining, doesn't it?!?

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