Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Break

Fall Break started Wednesday evening as we headed to Jackson after church.  Normally I teach on Tuesdays in Jackson, but my boss asked me if I could fill in for someone on Thursdays and I was happy to oblige.  After working I came home in time for lunch.  Since it was the day after my birthday my mother had a cake.  Not just a cake, mind you...a sugary, buttery, cakey, heavenly confection from Shirley's Bakery. (a.k.a. the best bakery on the planet!!) 

As I wiped the cake off my face, Clayton and I headed out the door to my childhood dentist.  Our dentist in Paris noticed a few problems so we wanted to get a second opinion.  We won't talk about the results, but suffice it to say that every possible dental problem he could have gotten from both sides of the family manifested itself inside his mouth.  Oh.dear.  The dentist office did speak Clayton's love's in the ceiling on the channel of his choosing?!?...ah, yes please.  I told him we had come to the big city and this is what you get.  I even signed in using an I Pad.  Up town, people, up town!!

After pulling myself off the floor from that appointment we headed to Memphis for my birthday dinner with Fred.  Through a series of events we actually got to go with Fred's sister and her husband.  In all our years together, we have never been out with just Zach and Liz.  Crazy, right?!?  It may have been the first time, but it certainly won't be the last!!  We dined at The Elegant Farmer (click here to view) and then hit up a Mexican ice cream shop.  I found these places on a blog through pinterest.  If I lived in Memphis I would systematically work my way through this list.  I might just do it even though I don't live there.  Click here for the blog.

Friday morning we took family pictures.  It was the highlight of the boys trip.  Not really.  We loaded up after that and headed to the zoo in Memphis.  The elephants were especially loud.  Andrew was not impressed.  Of all my times to go to the zoo I have never stayed for a "show".  We actually got to see one on sea lions.  I'm telling you October is the time to go to the zoo.  Yes it is.  Fred and I may or may not have made a vow to one another to NEVER go to the zoo again during the summer again!

Of course, after such an exhausting trip to the zoo we hit Jerry's Snow Cone's in Memphis.  I would highly recommend the wedding cake snow cone with ice cream.  It was delicious.  Andrew and Zachary enjoyed sharing Clayton's snow cone.

The final day we just piddled around and ended up at the coolest park ever at Shelby Farms.  Good times!  Only one more year till fall break.  I'm counting down the days!

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Casey Williams said...

Wedding cake is the best at Jerry's and October is the best time to go to the zoo!! I always try to take my nephews on fall break because it's the perfect time to go! If yall have not went to the Safari Park in Alamo, I highly recommend it! I grew up in Crockett County my whole life and went for the first time on Labor Day weekend and I acted like a 5 year old! I was so excited! :) Love reading about your adventures!!