Thursday, October 25, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  The countdown has begun for the Tennessee Baptist Convention.  T minus two and a half weeks and counting.  It really has been the best year! 
2.  Fred's sister, Liz, took pictures for us over fall break.  They were all great.  She included a few funny ones.  Here's a behind the scenes peek at a photo session for the Shackelfords.

3. Clayton helped in the yard this week.  When I say "helped" I don't mean he helped, but was really in the way.  I mean he helped.  It was glorious and everything I dreamed it would be.  By my calculations I will have a boy to help with the yard for the next 15 years.  Yahoo!
4.  Jack has been studying his spelling words intently each week.  For the last two weeks we have had him take a practice test on Thursday night.  Last week he slept with his list under his pillow...precious.  This week he made a 100 on his first practice test.  Yeah, Jack! 
5.  Andrew is 3 today!  (More to come on that later.)  Lately, he has been asserting his independence   through dressing himself.  Below was his wardrobe choice for the day.  Please note that it was 80 degrees outside and he chose shorts, a flannel shirt and boots (without socks).  Classic.

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