Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Five on Friday

1.  The day has finally arrived for Fred.  After researching, studying and pricing bikes, he finally purchased one.  I mean, seriously, who knew buying a bike could be so stressful?!?  As a kid when I went to Walmart to buy a bike I just looked at the color and the streamers.  I never gave a thought to what the frame was made of or what kind of pedals it had.  Seriously.  I am pleased to announce that Fred is the proud owner of a 2009 carbon framed Cannondale.  It is red, but has no streamers.
2.  My grandmother is still living in the "hotel" in Nashville.  Because of a recent turn of events we needed to get furniture from her house.  My dad and I headed to Franklin last week to load up a U Haul with her furniture.  As the movers were loading up the truck I stood in the driveway with tears streaming down my face.  Each piece of furniture that came out of her house had a memory attached to it.  Everywhere I turn in my house there is now a piece of my grandparents.  I can't help but I still wipe away an occasional tear or two.  (Once I get the dining room painted I'll post pictures.)
3.  Clayton's hair is way too long.  I have been telling him he needs a hair cut.  He does not want one.  He likes it long.  In an effort to not major on minor things I am letting this go.  Several weeks ago we were getting in the car after church.  Out of the blue Clayton said, "Morgan (a girl) likes my hair long."  I hear you loud and clear son, loud and clear. 
4.  Jack is a big kid.  At a recent high school football game, unbeknownst to be, he engaged in a game of tackle football with several of Clayton's friends (3 and 4 years older than him).   Once I realized what was going on I saw a kid crying on the ground.  Yes, Jack had tackled and hurt him.  My six year old.  So, we have a new rule at the Shackelford house..."No tackle football unless you and the person you are playing with have on all the proper equipment."  Jack was really bummed
5.  Andrew is 95% potty trained.  Almost there.  I have had a kiddo in diapers for 9 consecutive years.  Nine years.  I cannot believe this phase of life is ending.  To say it's bittersweet would be a huge understatement.     

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