Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

Festivities started for us the Saturday before Christmas in Memphis with the Danley (Fred's mother) side of the fam.  Jack was sick and we debated if we should go or not, but we went anyway.  Even with him sick we all had a great time.  This was the first Christmas without Nana so we felt it was important for us all to be there.  However, on the way home Jack seemed to go downhill.  By the time we got back to Paris his fever was over 102 and he was pretty sick.  We knew at this point that he did not have strep, but most likely had the flu.
By Monday he seemed to be feeling better so we made our annual Christmas Eve trip to Cracker Barrel.  It was lots of fun!  As you can see from the picture below I had not taken a shower and it looks like we consumed massive amounts of food.  In our defense we really just had a lot of plates where we shared food.  Ha!
On the way home we thought Jack was back to himself.  Here's the conversation:
Clayton: (In a very annoyed voice)  Mom, tell Jack that Jesus is NOT God's cousin!
I turned around to see Jack grinning from ear to ear.  Does he know how to push his brother's buttons or what?!?  Too funny!
Me to Jack:  Jack, Jesus is not God's cousin.
Jack: (Still grinning and chuckling)  I know.  

We came on home and were met by my family.  Even with Jack still sick they decided to brave our house:  My mom and dad, my brother and his family, my aunt Christie, Aunt Janice and Mun!  We had quite the crew!!  (Mun and Janice did not come until mid afternoon so they are not in the group shot.)

  My brother and his crew left and everyone else settled down for the night.  What a night!  Andrew was afraid of Santa.  Aunt Janice agreed to meet Santa outside instead of Santa coming in our house to drop the gifts off.   This suggestion satisfied him and he went to sleep.  Speaking of sleep...this 1856 square foot house has never had so many people in it!!  We slept in our bed, mom and dad slept in Andrew's bed, Jack slept on the bottom bunk, Clayton and Andrew slept on the top bunk, Christie slept on the dining room couch, Mun slept on the pull out sofa in the playroom and Janice slept on the couch in the living room.  Just think...I didn't even have to blow up a mattress...Ha!!
Around 2:00 am Santa's reindeer did not wake us, but Jack did.  He was sick, sick, sick.  He  was pitiful.  Poor Janice and Christie, they were in the middle of it all.
Clayton woke up first and then proceeded to wake everyone else.  They came in the living room to one present.  The one present had nine presents inside all coded with different wrapping paper.  Upon opening the big present they had to go on a scavenger hunt to crack the code.  They were pretty excited about this.  I got this great idea from our good friends at church.  She is so creative!

The following is Fred's Christmas gift from me.  It is called a "Buff".  Ideally, it covers his head when he is outside without him having to wear a cap.  He really does like it and it provided a few laughs Christmas morning.  
Later that afternoon we headed to Memphis to Christmas at the Shackelfords.  We were greeted with a yummy steak dinner. 

After dinner and a delicious cheesecake we opened presents.  Here Clayton is opening his favorite gift...Lego's.  He has worked on them all break.  He loves a Lego!

As part of the boys Christmas present we took them to a Memphis Grizzlies game the day after Christmas.  It was really fun.  Believe it or not, Jack was STILL sick, but when Santa purchases tickets a month before the event he/she does not know if someone is going to be sick. Sigh.
I say everyone had a good time....Everyone was having fun until the Grizz came out.  Upon his entrance Andrew declared he was ready to go home.  He then proceeded to play the "bathroom card".  We went to the bathroom three times until Fred finally told Andrew that the Grizz was in the bathroom.  Andrew stayed in the arena the rest of the game.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

While in Memphis, with Jack still sick, we were brushing teeth before leaving.  I looked down, and to my horror, Andrew was using Jack's toothbrush.  Thirty six hours later, guess who was sick?!?  We thought Andrew was okay, but in about an hour and a half he went from okay to wheezing and struggling to get a breath in.  I took him to the doctor in Jackson and they confirmed that Andrew had  the flu and pneumonia.  He is/was a sick little fella.  I bid the staff of the Jackson Clinic farewell and promised them a visit again on the next major holiday since we seem to always visit them while in Jackson for a celebration.  Pretty pitiful, right?!?

Despite all the sickness we really enjoyed Christmas together!  We tried to spread germs cheer everywhere we went! Grin.  I cherish these days while my kiddos are young.  My prayer is that we will remain close as a family as they continue to grow, that in each season of life we will choose to see the silver lining.  I mean, seriously, how many more holiday's will I get to snuggle a sick baby?!?  How many more years will I have to get up with a sick child in the middle of the night, even if it was Christmas.  Isn't this what future stories are made of?!?  I hope we never forget these details.  I also hope that no one else gets sick. :-) 

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