Monday, September 16, 2013

Jack's Baptism

Jack has been asking us for the past several months about "becoming a christian".  Frankly, we kept putting him off thinking that he was too young.  He kept bringing it up.  We kept talking with him and praying for him.  A couple of weeks ago he just wouldn't let it go.  Fred and I talked to him and explained that while this was a one time prayer, his commitment was a lifetime.  We will continue to work with him as he grows.  He bowed his head and prayed.  When he opened his eyes he told us what he prayed afterwards and it was just precious.  Simple and sweet.  His childlike faith just melted my heart.  Fred baptized him Sunday.  Our family was there in support.

I remember being in the hospital room with him when he was just a few hours old.  I remember looking at his sweet face.  We had an almost three year old that had completely rocked our world. I remember praying over him and asking God just to help him love Jesus.  That's all I wanted. The three year old currently living in our house had shattered any expectations of what I thought parenting would be like.  (We did love that three year old.  We just learned a lot from him.  Grin.) Yesterday as our family and church family stood with us Jack started a new journey in Christ. Nothing magical.  Just a choice to daily follow after Jesus.  I pray that he never turns to the left or right.  I pray that he keeps a single, whole-hearted devotion to the one who created him.  I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in and through this young man of ours.

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