Friday, September 20, 2013

This week...

There are two things in this picture that I could just eat up.  How funny that one of my favorite cookies could be named after my favorite fella.  Goodness.  

Last week my friend and I spent three days ripping and mudding seams on wallpaper in the church nursery.  Then we painted every surface.  We had two angels that came in one evening who helped us tremendously.  We actually painted the Team Kid room and Josh's office the week before.  We don't have an official company name, but we are officially out of business.  Our company is closed.  :-)

Saturday morning we had early flag football games.  For some reason we were not able to get breakfast together.  Imagine my surprise as I drove through McDonald's to pick up sausage biscuits and this sign greeted me.  Oh, happy day!  I usually have to get these at Starbucks, but no more.  I typically only allow myself one pumpkin spice latte a season.  We'll see how disciplined I can be with this right around the corner.  

-While dusting this week I came across this ball of gum hidden on our entertainment center.  I turned toward the couch to see three angels sitting there.  I used my past knowledge and addressed Jack right away.  I showed him this little ball of gum and asked him if he knew anything about it.  His response..."Hey, that's not my...oh wait, that was a really long time ago!"  Fred said the statue of limitations was in place in this situation.  

-Andrew's friend came over Monday morning.  It is always a blast.  I could just stand and listen to them talk to each other.  Priceless.  
We went to the grocery and they both picked up candy bars as we were leaving.  At 8:45 a.m.? Would I have let me big boys do this?!?  No way.  But these two??  Who can resist that?!?
 Precious boys riding in the horrible car shopping carts.  I despise those carts, but I sure do love these boys.

 Painting at story hour again.  What a great Monday for Andrew!!

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